Why Choose Us?

Our Message Is to initiate a significant role towards our students, helping them to build an integrated personality and to develop the ability to innovate and think creatively

We are the first educational founders throughout the KSA

The Start of Al Hammad Holding Co. began more than fifty years ago in Al-Dammam, when the minister of Education nominated Mr. Abdullah Al Hammad...

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We have highly qualified teachers and experienced

Our Schools have a well-qualified, experienced and highly committed staffs, both teaching and non-teaching...

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We Use Latest Educational Technologies

We are providing them with the most recent technology and keeping them aware of the latest know-how so that they can deal effectively...

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Your education is more than the time you spend in the classroom, Al Hammad Academy offers many opportunities for you to complement your Secondary education with a variety of exciting experiences that will stimulate your imagination and challenge your expectations. Whether through a traditional or non-traditional study abroad program, undergraduate research, internship, service learning or volunteer experience, choose an opportunity that will allow you to tailor your education to suit your own particular needs and reach your own particular goals.

Private Schools
  • Tuition range between $2,000 and $9,999
  • 10-49% of staff are sponsored
  • British Curriculum
  • American Curriculum
  • Quality facilities
  • Midrange Bandwidth
  • Mixture of 21st Century teaching technics and traditional style
  • Class size 30 students max.
  • Select
International Schools
  • Tuition rates arrange between $10,000 and up (depends on local and clients)
  • 50% + are sponsored staff
  • British Curriculum
  • American Curriculum
  • World Class facilities
  • Strong bandwidth
  • 21st Century teaching technics
  • Class size 25 students max.
  • Select
National and Egyptian Schools

Al Hammad A c a d e m y

Will operate in phases

First phase (2016-2017 school year) will focus on Kindergarten (KG) through grade 4

Second phase (2017-2018 school year) will focus on Kindergarten through grade 8

Third phase (2018-2019 school year) will focus on Kindergarten through grade 12

Area: 41000 m², Location: Halima Al Sadiah St, Al Rawdah, Dammam


Don't Miss Out Our Developement Programs

Al Hammad A c a d e m y is committed to their stakeholders…a promise of hiring and developing their employee’s skill sets. By supporting staff and faculty with professional development opportunities, we believe this will have a positive impact for our clients.

Our School Activities

Appropriate school activities will lead to the all-round development of children and make them achieve their maximum potential. It is, therefore, imperative that parents and teachers pick ones that are age-appropriate and result in greater learning and understanding. These activities vary depending on the ages and interests of the kids. Extracurricular activities that help children develop and learn new skills are also Great Options.