The main components of a classroom are:

An interactive Smart White Board

  • a. Multi-touch collaboration
  • b. Project on any wall surface
  • c. Access to online information & tools
  • d. Provide new ways for teachers to teach, and students to learn
  • e. Intuitive control
  • f. Integrate the interactive learning tools with a wide range of software applications
  • g. Going green
  • h. Allows different forms to be displayed
  • i. Allows the students to see their own work displayed in front of the classroom
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Ultra short throw Projectors

  • a. Bring learning to life and create an interactive class
  • b. In-built interactive capabilities allowing any projection surface to become an interactive one
  • c. Clearly show students’ practical skills
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  • a. Cutting edge presentation equipment
  • b. Well-designed teaching stations combine built-in accessibility features such as power and cable management or ventilation with variable shelf and storage configurations
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Tablets and laptops

  • a. Each student will be given a personal device (tablet or laptop)
  • b. The device will be configured ahead of time
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CCTV Viewing and classroom cameras

  • a. Motion and behavior observation
  • b. Remote access of the video
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Wi-Fi in Premises

  • a. Uninterrupted network
  • b. Intelligent and protected network
  • c. Connectivity across the school campus
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At The Smart School, we use a class management software called ‘Smart Media Pro’.

By using this learning tool, you can easily transfer and share files with your students, communicate with them through voice and text messages, explain with the help of images and sounds, display any students computer and take control, share any application or an exercise created by the student with the rest of the class, broadcast a movie, show the class an exercise created by a student, monitor the student’s screens, block student’s devices, blank their screens,  manage an instant quiz/survey and grade it and lots more. The teacher can do all this from their computer or tablet simply with a click, without leaving their location.

Smart Media Pro Software makes education easy, providing functionality that allows teachers and students to interact in ways that makes learning exciting again. The software is conveniently simple to learn and simple to use. Share the canvas with students and invite them to draw on it together. Let students draw on their own canvas individually and monitor them.

Whether your classroom has notebooks, netbooks, tablets or iPads, Smart Media Pro is an excellent solution to enhance the learning environment.

Our software will assist students in achieving their goals in the classroom.

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